Here are some of the luvlee testimonials left about our Ice Cream, Sorbet and Cart Hire by our sastified customers and clients.

Thank you Lee for coming out to my wedding and serving up all my favourite ice-creams for dessert. I was excited about this for months and you certainly delivered! Delicious flavours and top service

Allie Mills

Beautiful product was a family favourite at the Mornington night Market. Will definitely be back for more!

Ellie Neff - 5 stars

Ginger and pineapple is amazing! Best ice cream I have eaten in a long time

Hannah Deutscher - 5 stars

Yum Yum Yum

Jason Adams - 5 stars

This ice cream is totally amazing! Full of flavour, absolutely delicious. I want to taste it all!

Sarah Aird

Best ice -cream I've tasted. Brilliant!!

John Hughes - 5 stars

Vietnamese Coffee is amazingly Good, my wife just devoured a whole tub in 1/2hr

Josh Martin - 5 stars

Absolutely loved your Rich Chocolate Ice cream and the Very Berry sorbet I could easily miss out on dinner and go straight to your ice-cream.

Connie Peidis - 5 stars

Chocolate Cherry Bomb...Absolutely Amazing

Christina Kraigg - 5 stars

AHHHHH Amazing Luvlee ice cream is easily the best I've EVER had ! Each flavour is incredible - I can't decide which I loved the most but a stand out is tiramisu & also the fig and creme brulee ! This ice cream is so fresh you can really taste the authentic flavours ! So happy that's this is a local business to Mornington- once you've had luvlee you'll NEVER want any other icecream - it's THAT good!!!!!

Kate Emily - 5 stars

I'm in heaven Cookies N Cream So delicious

Megan Milenkovic - 5 stars

Best ice cream I have ever eaten. Love it!!!!

Jenny Herrod - 5 stars

Vietnamese Coffee is Gold

Debbie Menzies - 5 stars